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As all of us with older Vauxhalls are well aware sourcing of parts can be a lot more of a challenge than other well known makes. Thanks to the good work by the related car clubs promoting Vauxhall classic cars and the increased general interest in these vehicles the market for these parts is starting to increase. In the long run this can only be good news for all of us, as increased demand will mean remanufacturing will become more likely.

Although CRC is not by any means a parts manufacturer we have over the last few years produced or commissioned the production of parts for our cars. We are also in communication with several specialists regarding production or reproduction of parts that are almost impossible to find for classic Vauxhalls. With this in mind you will find details below of parts we currently have or can supply to order for your project.
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Please also check out the Vauxhallgreenparts web site, as they are a great help to us in locating all parts Vauxhall or feel free to drop us a line using the contact us page.


    •  Lightweight Cam Buckets

    • Alloy diff cover